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Traditional Retailers

Unlock new markets and improve your bottomline by avoiding wasted inventory. We can help you.

How we help
Traditional Retailers

  • Reach new customers through our network of Ag professionals.
  • Reduce costs and increase efficiencies by providing seasonal-needs data and an outlet for excess product.
  • Streamline order logistics.
HarvestPort provides farmers with a unique inputs forecasting technology that allows them to pre-plan crop input needs based on historical data. This helps farmers order the exact amount of product at the most cost-efficient time, rather than wasting money by ordering on demand.
When farmers plan better, retailers can plan better. You can stock smarter, so you don’t have to store and eventually toss excess, time-sensitive product. And you can fill orders in an optimized manner, cutting out stress and shipping costs due to last minute requests.
When you partner with HarvestPort, you’ll gain access to our vast network of Ag professionals. You’ll save on marketing costs and acquire new customers and larger orders, without doing extra work. That’s because HarvestPort handles the logistics planning for you.

Work with us
Contact HarvestPort to create a vendor profile, and start receiving batched order request from our network of similar farmers. Within 48-hours of receiving a request, you’ll bid on pricing, and within three business days of bid close, we’ll award the winning bid. Each order represents all the HarvestPort member farmers in a service area, which allows the farmers to leverage their collective buying power and allows you, the retailer, to better understand how much of which supplies you need, with plenty of lead time for shipping.
We’ll deal with client communications, billing, and processing, so all you have to deal with are standardized orders. You’ll benefit from quote transparency, increased orders, and more strategic stocking.
And if you do end up with product that you need to move quickly, you can create a HarvestPort Deal. This is a win for everyone. It allows you to effectively reach your target audience, and it offers HarvestPort growers a great product at a great price.
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