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We're putting power back into the hands of growers and farmers. Find out how.

How we help
Growers & Farmers

  • Save on input costs by pre-planning seasonal needs.
  • Get access to better product alternatives and streamline logistics.
  • Stay on top of agricultural innovations.
As a grower, your profit margins depend on unpredictable factors, such as weather, commodity pricing, and shifting regulations. We know how important it is to you to operate as efficiently as possible. 
But if you’re like most farmers, you’re worried about immediate costs. You don’t have on-hand funds to spend on new tech that would improve your long-term outcomes, and you can’t access the data you need to pre-plan your crops. You’re buying inputs at the last minute, paying more than you should, and missing out on smart new products that can enrich your soil and increase your yield. 
We want to help you pay less for more, and do more with less. Our unique inputs-forecasting technology uses geo-data and information about your previous planting behavior to calculate your input needs for the upcoming growing season.

How we work

We’ll link you with a HarvestPort grower relations manager, who will create a profile for your farm and keep you in-the-know about all of your crop input options. We’ll make sure to remind you of the best times to purchase, to get the most savings, and we’ll send information about exciting new products, chosen by our agronomists specifically for your land and crops. We'll also send links to great Marketplace deals on the products you’ve always used.

Innovation Hub
Want to funnel your savings back into the farm? Our Innovation Hub is your gateway to the latest in Ag Tech and strategic new products that have been field-tested and vetted by real world customers.
Take advantage of our saving through Deals or join our Inputs program. When you become a HarvestPort member, you’ll gain insight into your inputs and budgeting process, strengthen your purchasing power through combining it with that of other member farmers, and gain access to our expanding network of retailers and innovative suppliers.

Land Management Groups

You want the best price on just the right amount of supplies. We want to help growers save money on traditional products, so they’ll have more to spend on innovative solutions. When HarvestPort helps you pre-plan your crops, we can accomplish both goals.
Our unique inputs-forecasting technology uses geo-data and information based on previous planting behavior to calculate your farms' exact input needs for the upcoming growing season. We’ll match you with a HarvestPort grower relations manager, who will create a profile for each farm you manage and keep you updated about which inputs to purchase and when, to get the greatest savings. 
We’ll send you amazing deals on the products you trust and keep you informed on research-backed new products, personally selected by HarvestPort agronomists for the land and crops you oversee.

HarvestPort Innovation Hub & Marketplace
for Land Management Groups
You can browse our Marketplace for discounts, and check our Innovation Hub to learn about the latest real world-vetted technologies and crop inputs.  
When you become a HarvestPort member, we leverage your buying power alongside that of other members, to negotiate the best value for everyone.
The way we see it, growers who save are growers who are able to experiment. And the more growers experiment, the faster we can develop less wasteful, more-sustainable growing processes. 
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