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When farmers win, we all win. Learn about the latest trends, issues, and innovations in Ag. 

How we help Consumers

  • Learn about smart food sourcing and sustainable practices.
  • Support farmers who support your health and the health of the planet.
  • Support suppliers, manufacturers, and growers who plan better, to waste less.
Safety matters. So does authenticity.
You want to know more about your food than just nutrition information. You want to know where it comes from and if farmers are respectfully managing our collective resources—our soil, our water, our animals, and our insects. 
Consumer curiosity encourages farmer and supplier transparency and accountability. We want to make it easier for you to support growers who share your values and value your health.
HarvestPort partners with Ag professionals to help them plan better and waste less, so that less waste ends up in our landfills and less greenhouse gasses end up in our atmosphere.

Keep yourself in the know
Want to know more? Our Innovation Hub and blog are full of information that will help you educate yourself about the latest practices in the Ag industry.
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