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Novel Ag Suppliers & Manufacturers

We're all about innovations that can truly change the game for farmers everywhere. Find out how we can help you succeed.

How we help
Novel Ag Suppliers & Manufacturers

  • Revolutionize farming by offering growers more responsible products.
  • Find a market for your innovative products.
  • Educate growers on how your products will work for them. 
You know you can help farmers nurture their soil, increase their yield, tackle pest problems, and provide consumers with healthier food, grown more sustainably. You believe in your products. We believe in your products. We want to help you educate growers, so they can believe in your products.
We have an expanding network of member farmers, land management groups, agronomists, brokers, and agronomists, representing millions of acres. In order to remain profitable, these growers must adjust and adapt to rapidly changing conditions and regulations.
Qualifying for Innovation Hub
If your innovative product has been field-tested and real world-vetted, with positive customer feedback, you may qualify for inclusion in our Innovation Hub. If your product is still in its earliest stages, tell us about what you are doing and where you are going.
A vendor profile on our Innovation Hub may include webinars, podcasts, customer testimonials and more. In partnering with HarvestPort, you’re able to market your product to a huge network of growing professionals, with minimal effort and expense.
We vet our Innovation Hub suppliers stringently, because we throw our name behind their products. HarvestPort grower relations managers recommend these products to member farmers when we think they're a good fit. Ultimately, our goal is to introduce farmers to services, management practices, and products that can lower costs and resource-use, leading to both short and long-term profit.
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