Inputs for Retailers

We cut our retail partners’ cost of new customer conversion as well as their cost to service existing customers.

With a focus on specialty and row crops, we currently operate along the West Coast, Central Valley, Hawaii, as well as the Midwest, and work with some of the largest growers of high value crops in the US.

Organizations We've Worked With
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How It Works

Let us know you’re interested in bidding on the crop inputs demand from our network and we'll kick off our retailer onboarding process.  With our process you can expect to:

  • Provide pricing for forecasted demand
  • Receive aggregated grower bids with location for relevant products 
  • Receive pricing feedback on bids
  • Receive orders for winning bids with all relevant delivery information
  • Maintain and expand your current book of business by billing the growers directly

Here's What We'll Need


  1. Credit application
    HarvestPort will connect with the growers in our network to get accounts opened.

  2. Product catalog
    Product catalog that includes
    product types such as pesticides, fertilizers, and amendments. We share all proprietary lines and products directly with our growers and will lead them back to you for more specific product details.

  3. Contact details
    HarvestPort's grower relations team will coordinate all orders with the relevant teams within your organization.

How We Do It

With the help of our technology and our expert grower relations team, we create an aggregate forecast for the growers in our network and share with our retail partners on a scheduled basis.  This helps our retail partners provide better prices, allowing us to pass those savings onto the grower and increase order volume for our suppliers. 


Here are some of the perks you'll get as a retailer in our network



Cleaner Communication

All orders are processed and standardized through HarvestPort. We provide billing information, delivery dates & locations, contacts for receiving and more in order to improve logistics.



Provide competitive pricing, reach new growers & lower your cost of customer acquisition.



Increase the certainty of order volume by bidding competitively on HarvestPort’s aggregate forecasted demand.


Increased Order Size

Receive all product orders in a service area with a competitive bid.


Quote Transparency

Get transparency on quotes by location and volume.


Streamlined billing

HarvestPort works with growers on invoice questions. Invoice growers directly while knowing that HarvestPort connects with the growers and assists with fielding invoice questions as an additional member of your team so you can focus on product supply.