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Inputs for Growers

We help you get the best value crop inputs for your operation. We do it by anticipating your needs and working with you to optimize a plan that saves you time and money.

Save Time

Free up staff and workload, let us handle retailer bidding, negotiations, and the back-and-forth.

Save Money

Tap into our grower and retailer network. Our growers are our strength and we are able to buy better collectively.

Buy Better

Get great pricing options and discover other ways to save using insights from our data and smart tools.

Reach Goals

Improved margins?  Making the leap to alternative products? We're here to help you reach your goals.
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How It Works

  • Get in touch and become a member
    Let's talk about what you need. We have a head start thanks to our technology and will be able to provide a framework of a forecast and will work with you to round it out.
  • Plan ahead and discover the best priced products & alternatives
    Our expert grower relations team will help you plan ahead and discover other affordable product options. We have access to both branded and generic product pricing.
  • Confirm demand and order
    Ready to buy? Don’t miss an opportunity to buy in advance and in bulk to cut your costs even more.
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How We Do It

  • Data & technology
    With the help of our proprietary technology, we are able to use the historical purchase data of farmers to forecast needs and optimize order processes.
  • Supply chain
    Our wide network of farmers and retailers helps us get the most competitive pricing.
  • Your participation
    Planning enables farmers to save big and have confidence that they're getting the best value for their crop input needs.


Here's what we bring to table!


Access to better & transparent pricing

HarvestPort acts as an impartial advisor. The pricing we provide you is what we directly negotiate from our retailer network - no markups, rebates, commissions, or pricing games.



Our dedicated grower relations managers will check-in with you regularly to ensure we are on track with your procurement and you aware of all of your buying options.



HarvestPort pairs your needs with other farmers in the network to gain stronger bargaining power and better prices.


More options and greater choices

Take advantage of our growing network of retailers, suppliers, and manufacturers. Gain more exposure to additional product lines for the actives you are seeking


Smarter forecasting for more savings

HarvestPort helps you plan ahead to minimize last minute deliveries and save on costs. Using our planning & forecasting tools we help you better organize your procurement so you can focus on your operation.


Better budget management

Manage your farm input spend with better insight into your allocated budget.

Simple Pricing, No Surprises

Our offers are designed to help you plan, order in bulk, and allow us to map out the best value products to meet your needs so we can save you the most time and money.


This tier is perfect for growers who buy
crop inputs only a few
times a year.

Ideal for those with 500 acres and more


+ Minimal level of service needed

+ Input purchases are often in bulk

+ Open to generic products


Plan 14 days ahead, choose from the best value crop protection and fertilizer inputs by active ingredient.


Planning helps us help you buy inputs in bulk at a competitive price, giving you the tools to see how you are buying and where there is opportunity.

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This tier is perfect for growers who buy crop inputs regularly but often have in-house
procurement support.

Ideal for those with 500 acres and more


+ Service as needed to plan

+ Multiple times per season

+ Options include branded and generic
product alternatives


Plan 14 days ahead, select the specific brands or active ingredient alternative you want.


Planning allows us to help your procurement business stay organized, forecast in advance to get the most savings from our retail partners.

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