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May Spray for Tree Nut Growers

Get ready to control those persistent spring and summer pests with our May Spray offerings. This year's seasonal pre-order campaign has been especially curated for California tree nut growers. Take advantage of huge savings by pre-planning your seasonal needs and placing your order in with a lead time to access the most competitive prices. Don't delay! Place your order today.

May Spray Featured Products

  • Quash®Quash® is an outstanding fungicide to control Monilinia blossom blight/brown rot, cherry leaf spot, powdery mildew, shot hole, and scab in stone fruits and tree nuts.

  • Ph-D® Ph-D® offers a higher degree of control when it comes to such diseases as Alternaria, Botrytis, Powdery mildew, Septoria spot, Sclerotinia and more. Ph-D® also suppresses Botryosphaeria while offering growers application flexibility with 0-day PHI and 4-hour REI.
  • Luna® Experience
    Luna Experience is a broad-spectrum fungicide with preventative, systemic, and curative properties labeled for the control or suppression of certain crop diseases.

    Luna fungicides offer a new way to protect specialty crops from disease, as well as manage resistance.
  • Intrepid® 2F | Invertid™ 2FIntrepid® 2F Insecticide is a suspension concentrate product for the control of listed lepidopteran larvae in fruits, vegetables and tree nuts.

    MODE OF ACTION. Intrepid® 2F Insecticide belongs to the diacylhydrazine class of insecticides and mimics the action of the molting hormone of larval Lepidoptera.
  • Reaper® Clearform®
    Reaper® Clearform® is a unique formulation developed by Loveland Products which provides high performance with low VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) characteristics.

    Unlike many other low VOC formulations in the market which are water-based and have struggled with penetration and uptake, the CLEARFORM formulations are solvent-based maintaining excellent performance while meeting low VOC regulations.
  • Agri-Mek® SCAgri-Mek® SC provides growers with powerful, fast acting protection against a range of damaging mites and insects.

    Agri-Mek® SC contains the Group 6 insecticide abamectin, and provides a modern, water-based formulation that is absorbed within the plant leaf to provide extended residual control and protection.

    Agri-Mek® SC also offers the convenience of flexible timing and application methods when pests pose a threat.
  • 415 Oil415 Oil is a refined phytonomic oil contact insecticide/miticide for use on plants in foliage or the dormant stage. It's a miticide/insecticide oil spray for Western agriculture. Controls various scale, various mite, mealybug, powdery mildew, aphid, pear psylla, peach twig borer, others.

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