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In-Season Burndown

Save on herbicides to maximize weed control. Pre-order your crop input needs for In-Season Burndown today.

In-Season Burndown
Crop Inputs

Save on herbicides to maximize weed control. This year, we've curated our seasonal pre-order campaign for In-Season Burndown especially for California tree nut growers. Place your order with a lead time to take advantage of huge savings. Pre-plan your seasonal needs and order today.

In-Season Burndown Featured Products

  • FORFEIT® 280FORFEIT 280 may be used for post-emergence weed control in listed tree, vine and berry crops. FORFEIT 280 may also be applied for potato vine desiccation.
  • Venue® Herbicide
    Venue® Herbicide is a nonselective contact herbicide effective on tough broadleaf weeds.

    It adds power to the tank mix and enhances performance of other herbicides. It delivers faster burn down and improves control of hard-to-control weeds.
  • GoalTender®
    GoalTender® herbicide provides long-lasting pre- and post-emergence activity on dozens of broadleaf weeds and grasses, making it ideal for residual herbicide programs.
  • MSO® CONCENTRATE with LECI-TECH®MSO® CONCENTRATE with LECI-TECH® is a methylated seed oil containing the highest quality components available.

    The premium emulsifiers, along with Leci-Tech technology, will provide uniform mixing for excellent performance as well as drift reduction, enhanced penetration and droplet adhesion.

    MSO CONCENTRATE with LECI-TECH is designed for use with post-emergent herbicides and has consistently demonstrated increased penetration over conventional crop oil concentrates.
  • Reign® LC
    REIGN LC is an easy mixing polyacrylamide concentrate that decreases driftable fines and improves deposition.

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