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Hull Split

Safeguard your crops from pests this hull split season. Check out our featured products and place your pre-order today to save big. 

Hull Split

Making sure your nut crop is protected from egg-laying navel orangeworms (NOW) is vital before and during hull split. Check out our featured products for big savings.

Hull Split 
Featured Products

  • Widespread® Max
    + Intrepid® 2F
  • Alternative+ Vigilant®
  • Bifenture® EC
  • Alternative+ Sniper® Helios®
  • Narrow Range 415 Spray Oil
  • Altacor® Insect Control
  • Besiege® Insecticide



  • Entrust®
  • Regalia®
  • Enviro 5-0-20
  • Enviro Zinc
  • Microthiol® Disperss®
  • AZERA®
  • PHT Ad-Here® 90

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