Our Inputs program leverages the strength of farmers’ collective buying power to generate the best prices on inputs and other supplies.

Seasonal Offers

Why Pay More
When You Can Pay Less?

Save on in-season crop inputs and other Ag products with our seasonal offers program. Our team curates the best deals in the market for the most sought-after products for your crops based on seasonal events.


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The Scoop

  • Save on what you're spending now

    Save on fertilizers, adjuvants, and more for pre- and post- harvest utilization. Check out our featured products for the latest season and ask us about pricing on the items you're eyeing. 


    Need something special?

    Need pricing on products that are not on our featured list? Tell us all about it. Chances are we can save you on those too. 


Inputs for Retailers

How It Works

Once you’ve successfully onboarded you will receive bids from one of our dedicated account managers and be expected to provide pricing within 48 hours of receiving HarvesPort bids. Winning bids are awarded within 3 business days of bid close.

Here's what we'll need:

  1. Copy of the Retailer credit application
  2. Product types such as pesticides, fertilizers, and amendments
  3. Contact details for HarvestPort account managers

How We Do It

We use the historical purchase data of growers to forecast their needs and optimize their order process with the help of our technology and our wide network of retailers. This enables us to extensively save growers money and recommend alternative inputs that are typically overlooked due to costs associated with poor planning.

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  • Cleaner Communication All orders are processed and
    standardized through HarvestPort.
  • Additional Accounts Using our planning tools we help you better organize your procurement to access better prices.
  • Forecasting Plan ahead to minimize last minute deliveries and save on costs. 
  • Increased Order Size Receive all product orders in a service area with a competitive bid. 
  • Quote transparency Get transparency on quotes by location and volume.
  • Billing information HarvestPort works with growers on invoice questions.

Inputs for Growers

How It Works

By helping farmers analyze and forecast inputs being purchased for the season, we are able to purchase crop inputs at a much better price and pass on 100% of the savings back to farmers. We help retailers pre-plan their seasonal demand and in turn avoid excess or wasted inventory. Our forecasts also enable farmers to buy ahead of time, adding to savings gained upon the procurement of crop inputs.


How We Do It

With the help of our proprietary technology, we are able to use the historical purchase data of farmers to forecast needs and optimize order processes. Our wide network of farmers and retailers helps us get the most competitive pricing. This enables farmers to save big and look into other crop input products and solutions that would have otherwise been overlooked due to costs associated with inadequate planning.

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  • A personalized service Our dedicated grower relations managers will check-in with you regularly to ensure you are on track with your procurement and aware of all your buying options. 
  • Access to better prices Using our planning tools we help you better organize your procurement to access better prices.
  • Stronger bargaining power HarvestPort pairs your need with other farmers in the network to gain stronger bargaining power and better prices. 
  • More options and greater access Take advantage of our growing network of retailers, suppliers, and manufacturers. 
  • Smarter forecasting for more savings HarvestPort helps you plan ahead to minimize last minute deliveries and save on costs. 
  • Better budget management Manage your farm input spend with better insight into your allocated budget.