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Farm Water Budget Solution

Fresno, California

SWIIM® (Sustainable Water and Innovative Irrigation Management) enables agricultural water users to optimize water rights, conserve water, and increase net incomes of farm operations through multi-dimensional water use data.

In partnership with the U.S. Department of Agriculture, SWIIM developed a patented process that monitors crop-water on- and off-flows, consumptive use, subsurface deliveries, precipitation and weather data to produce a comprehensive, defendable water budget that can then be balanced like you would your financial bank account. 

Through a user-friendly dashboard, agricultural professionals can track, access, manage, analyze, and record their crop water data. A crop-water budget is produced with the data collected over 60 times an hour, aggregated, quality-checked and delivered to users via multiple platforms, including a comprehensive, detailed report. With this transparent and reliable information on water consumption at hand, SWIIM enables farmers to use water more efficiently, and effectively.

SWIIM: The Mission

There's no doubt in anybody's mind that water availability is becoming more and more of a key concern as far as resources go -- especially in agriculture and most especially in parched states. When it comes to addressing the challenges associated with water and developing ways to manage or resolve them, accurate data is pivotal. This is where SWIIM comes in.

Over the years, farmers have sought various ways to estimate water consumption. These different methods have often resulted in steep arguments about water usage rights and/or water misuse because of murky and sporadic data. SWIIM's aim is to create a transparent source of aggregated data that all parties can rely on as a trusted and credible third party resource. 

"Because water is a finite resource that is at the heart of agriculture, there will always be arguments and restrictions pertaining to consumption. But even if there's a strong will to cooperate and come up with meaningful solutions to these challenges, what we often find is a discord over how water is being accounted for -- so we're seeking to solve that issue using transparent data based on advanced telemetry."

- Harry Ferdon
Senior Regional Sales Manager, SWIIM  
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The Ultimate Goal

SWIIM believes in the ever-increasing role of data and telemetry in agricultural water management and that it need not be complicated to be effective. The company seeks to not only provide reliable data but also to facilitate better decision-making in realtime and allow users to be aware of water over- or mis- use as it happens. Whereas CPAs can tell you where and how every penny was spent, SWIIM can give you a clear and detailed picture of how much water was used for every crop.