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Carbon Penetrant

Penny Newman Grain Company
Fresno, California

Carbon Penetrant is designed with a proprietary penetrant that opens up the soil and allows the water to filtrate down through and flush salts out of the root zone, creating an environment for biological activity and nutrient uptake.

California's high-level of nutrient content comes with the almost inescapable challenge of having particularly high levels of salt in the soil; a problem that pretty much goes hand-in-hand with poor drainage. and is only compounded by 30 years of commercial fertilizer application, herbicides, pesticides as well as a whole slew of crop protection products.

That is precisely what led grain giant, Penny-Newman, to start thinking outside of the box and start looking deeper into the soil.  The result? Carbon Penetrant -- a product that improves water penetration and jump starts the growth of plants even after years of being exposed to high levels of salinity in the soil.

Penny-Newman: The Mission

Reducing the application of crop inputs is the heart and soul of the company's recent forays into developing innovative soil health products. Penny-Newman believes it is vital more than ever for farmers to make soil integrity a priority to keep their farms viable and profitable for years to come.


"Picture an economically successful grower putting the least amount of burden on the environment as possible while providing consumers with low-cost and nutritious food -- that's the Ag future we are working to achieve."

- Matt Nicoletti, Penny-Newman Share on Twitter
The Ultimate Goal

There is a unique paradigm in agriculture where environmental sustainability and economic productivity can converge and Penny-Newman aims to be at the forefront of that opportunity. Their ultimate goal is to break the binding chains of limited production, high cost, and low profitability that hinder farmers from moving towards better practices that ultimately affect soil health.


Customer Testimonial

“We recently went through a three-year drought period where the people in our district, our farm included, were reliant on salt water that were pumped from wells. We had a lack of surface delivery, because of the drought so we weren't getting soil penetration -- we were puddling on the surface severly and things detrimental to our crops were greatly affected.

Fast forward to now -- the trees I have applied Carbon Penetrant to are 15 years old now. I started using the product when they were 12. Within the last three years, there has been a significant amount of change in the amount of moisture that we've been able to get into the soil and we have therefore expanded the soil zone that our roots are surviving in.

I found out about Carbon Penetrant by word of mouth and after asking around, I was introduced by a friend to Dennis Butcher who works for Penny-Newman. Dennis was very knowledgable about soil health and explained the chemistry behind the product thoroughly. I was convinced it’s what we needed to do and so, we went ahead and we bought into it. We've been applying the product for three years now and we’re definitely very happy with the results. We expect to continue doin’ it in the future."

Mitch Yribarren, Yribarren Family Farms
Acres: 500
Crops: Almonds, Pistachios, Pomegranate, Row Crops
Fresno County
Fresno, California Farm