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Farm Operations & Compliance Software

Salinas, CA

Manage documentation, compliance, risk, and labor efficiently, effectively, and in realtime with a simple interface.

Spend less time filing and more time farming. HeavyConnect helps farmers eliminate paper bottle necks from food safety compliance to employee time & attendance.

The Origin

They say simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication -- and that's exactly what HeavyConnect aims to bring to the table.

HeavyConnect was founded by CEO, Patrick Zelaya who hails from the farming community of Salinas, CA. Having built an extensive experience in the tech and enterprise management industries, Patrick became interested in developing ways to simplify farming operations with the help of an easy-to-learn, accessible, and intuitive technology. 

From the very beginning, the company realized that while farmers are turning to technology more and more in a bid to make farming operations efficient, most of the tools available to them were too complicated to navigate and challenging to implement successfully across operational silos. At the same time, the demands of today's Ag compliance standards have become stricter and more rigorous. Seeking to solve this problem, HeavyConnect was born.

With HeavyConnect, farmers have a robust technology at hand without all the fuss and pain points. The company prides itself when it comes to onboarding, user-adoption, and implementation because they take the extra step to ensure users are properly trained, well-supported, and beyond comfortable when it comes to using their tools. With a subscription model, HeavyConnect provides 24/7 support in English and Spanish. They have a customer success team that spends most of their time training and checking in on farmers using their tools in the field.

Taking the idea of simplicity a few steps further, the company has added compliance, risk, and labor management tools to fully support farming operations and peel away layers of complexities. Ultimately they want less paper on your file folders (less loss of information, more control on realtime issues that need to be seen and fixed), and more paper in your bank.

"What makes us different from other technologies is that from the very beginning, we've focused on the user experience. We have created an intuitive user experience for the harvest foreman, for the farm worker that has never had a mobile device before, for those that may not speak the language, those that may not have had a formal education, or those who have difficulty reading and writing.

We use intuitive methods such as color coding, step through processes with fewer words, more pictures and icons to make it very simple for the people to use. "

- Patrick Zelaya, CEO, HeavyConnect Share on Twitter
The Mission

Simplifying farm operations -- this is HeavyConnect's mission. With farming compliance, management, labor, and oversight becoming ever more rigorous and complex to navigate, the company's aim is to help farmers overcome these challenges with the help of technology.

What's next for HeavyConnect?

HeavyConnect is on the path to becoming the one-stop-app for managing farm operations. True to their mission, they are carefully releasing more features while keeping their commitment to making sure everything is easy to use, understand, and adopt.