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AgSquared Enterprise System

New York

The AgSquared Enterprise System is an all-in-one farm management software that helps farm operations increase their productivity, profitability, sustainability, and transparency. 

The best-in-class cloud-based platform was especially created for fruit, vegetable, nut, and high value specialty crop growers. It helps growers track the cost of goods, labor, chemicals, inputs, and field activities in realtime. With this insight and through the platform, growers can manage their P&L, and actuals vs. budget on a daily basis with ease. 

AgSquared is the brainchild of two Cornell grad students who studied agriculture and shared a passion for food, farming, and sustainability. Having had the opportunity to work with farmers locally in California and all around the world while conducting their research on plant breeding, they quickly discovered that farmers had no reliable system for keeping records. Everything was done manually through notes and spreadsheets and recording data was often a cumbersome chore that exposed farmers to inaccuracies, making them miss out on vital, accurate, and timely data that were crucial to making better and well-informed decisions. 

Armed with this knowledge, the founders set off to create a software to automate, simplify, and track farming business data. Working closely with farmers and putting their input and feedback front and center to bring the platform into fruition, the AgSquared Enterprise System was born.

The Mission

At a time where farming margins are shrinking and farmers face mounting challenges on the field when it comes to growing their crops and within the agricultural business landscape, every decision counts. AgSquared aims to be a catalyst for profitability and success for every farmer and a contributing force to the longevity of their business and farmlands. They are industry insiders -- farmers, technologists, agricultural experts -- who seek to help farmers run their business as best as they can.

"It became our passion to create a system that would make farm record-keeping easy. Before programming even one line of code, we spent countless hours brainstorming with farmers, poring over their notebooks and spreadsheets to figure out what they needed, what works, and how to make software that they would actually use."

- Founders, AgSquared Share on Twitter
The Ultimate Goal

AgSquared is committed to helping farmers become more productive, more profitable, more sustainable, and more transparent. The company is passionate about helping farmers run their businesses as best as they possibly can, and at the same time, help make strides and vast improvements in the broader food and agriculture value supply chain.