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Advanced Problem Detection & Yield Estimation Technology

Cape Town, South Africa

Detect pests, diseases, and other crop issues early using drone imagery and artificial intelligence, powered by Aerobotics. 

Using aerial imagery from satellites and drones paired with their proprietary machine learning algorithms, Aerobotics helps farmers detect potential issues much earlier so they can be averted before they get out of hand -- ultimately improving their yields and giving them peace of mind at their fingertips.

The Origin

Imagine a scouting application that can accurately detect problems impacting your crops with a simple scan and without you having to step foot on the field. Sounds too good to be true? That's what Aerobotics can do for you.

To farmers, every crop is precious. Monitoring vast farms fields to ensure the health and integrity of their crops is vital for a good year's harvest. Timely information and timely action are key to averting potential issues. Scouting fields and monitoring crops was a daunting manual task prone to inaccuracies, that is, until now.

Hailing from South Africa and witnessing the challenges of citrus farmers first-hand, the founders of Aerobotics forged their company with the goal of helping farmers improve their yield and prospects using the power of technology. With their thinking caps on, they set out to create a simple end-to-end farm management solution based on aerial imagery. Thus, Aerobotics was born.

Aerobotics provides tree crop protection for farms by using drone & satellite data to provide world leading pest & disease management systems for farmers around the globe.

"Drones are not an entirely new technology and some farmers already use drones to capture images of their fields and farm assets. What was missing was a smarter, simpler, and a more reliable way to track and record them, make sense of the images, consolidate the findings, compare historical data, and call out irregularities or impending risks. That's exactly what we bring to the table. That's why we created Aerobotics."

The Mission

Making technology work for farmers. That's the mission Aerobotics has set out to achieve. Through aerial technology, artificial intelligence, and machine learning, Aerobotics provides farmers with accurate information about their crops, early pest and disease detection, and building blocks for better planting planning. 

What's next for Aerobotics?

Aerobotics is looking to help more farmers in the years to come. Currently, the company helps thousands of farms in 11 countries across the globe. In South Africa alone, the company's services are a trusted solution by over 40% of macadamia nut farmers and 20% of citrus farmers. The company seeks to reach more farmers in the US and continue developing more helpful innovations for farmers around the world.