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Get up to 35% off any of the following packages from Aerobotics when you claim this deal exclusive to HarvestPort

Single Flight Orchard Monitoring Package | Multi Flight Orchard Monitoring Package | Orchard Monitoring & Yield Estimation Package | Pre-Assessment Workpaper Package

aeroboticsDetect pests, diseases, and other tree crop issues early using drone imagery and artificial intelligence, powered by Aerobotics. Track tree counts, health, vigor, and size using multispectral, high-resolution drone imagery and tracking over time. On Citrus specifically, get yield estimation reports and distribution curves of current fruit size and distribution ahead of harvest and estimated sizes at harvest with 95% accuracy. Ask a question or claim a deal to get started today.

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Applaud® 70DF

Deal Price: $36.75/lb
Eight 3.75 packages/case
Minimum Order: $1000

Applaud® 70DF is an Insecticide with the main active ingredient Buprofezin. It is known to be effective when it comes to reducing and controlling insect infestation on crops, especially against vine mealybugs.

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Deal Price: $6.75/lb
Ten 5 lb packages/case
Minimum Order: $1000

Kaligreen® is a fungicide containing microencapsulated potassium bicarbonate that disrupts the potassium ion balance in the fungus cell, causing them to collapse.


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Zeal® Miticide I

Deal Price: $145/ea 12 oz package
Four packages/case
Minimum Order: $1000

Zeal® Miticide provides long-lasting control of two-spotted spider mite, Pacific mite and red mite. Zeal® sterilizes adult females and their eggs, kills eggs on foliage and nymphs by inhibiting molting.

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Merivon® Fungicide

Deal Price: $5.80/fl oz
Four 55 fl oz packages/case
Minimum Order: $1000

Merivon® Fungicide is a powerful tool for disease protection in almonds, strawberries, leafy vegetables and pome and stone fruits, such as apples and cherries.

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Delegate® WG

Deal Price: $7.60/oz
Six 26oz packages/case

Delegate® WG Insecticide controls damaging insects like codling moth, Asian citrus psyllid, thrips, Oriental fruit moth, leafrollers, leafminers, and Spotted Wing Drosophila.

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Deal Price: $46/gal
Two 2.5 gal packages/case

Fugitive® herbicide is a preemergence, surface-applied herbicide for the control of many annual grasses and certain broadleaf weeds in citrus, fruit and nut trees, vineyards, & Christmas trees.

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Ultra Flourish®

Deal Price: $199/gal
Two 2.5 gal packages/case

Ultra Flourish® is a proprietary formulation of mefenoxam that is a systemic fungicide for use on various crops to control diseases caused by members of the Oomycete class of fungi.

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Altacor ®

Deal Price: $7.38/oz
Eight 40 oz packages/case

DuPont™ ALTACOR® insect control powered by Rynaxypyr provides reliable, consistent control of major pests in pome and stone fruit crops.

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Carbine® 50WG Insecticide 

Deal Price: $68/lb
Four 3.5 lb packages/case

Carbine® 50WG insecticide uses a unique mode of action that stops cotton pests from feeding within one hour of exposure.

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ChampION++™ Fungicide

Deal Price: $3.80 | 30 lb bag

ChampION++ TM is a fungicide that controls key fungal and other diseases in a wide range of high-value crops.

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Chateau® Herbicide SW

Deal Price: $52/lb
Four 2.5 lb packages/case

Chateau SW Herbicide stops weeds with proven, long-lasting residual control of over 90 weeds in more than 50 crops.

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Deal Price: $31.50/gal
Two 2.5 gal packages/case

CottonQuik provides consistent, quick boll opening over a wide range of temperatures with minimal regrowth.

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ReTain® Plant Growth Regulator Soluble Powder (CA)

Deal Price: $200/package
Twenty 0.73 lb packages/case

ReTain® PGR harvests the potential of your crop as a plant growth regulator that temporarily inhibits ethylene production to slow fruit maturation, ripening and fruit drop.

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Deal Price: $315/gal
Four 1 gal packages/case

Revus produces quality vegetables, hops and grapes even under adverse conditions. Revus is applied as a foliar spray and can be used in block, alternating spray, or tank mix programs.

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Deal Price: $5 | 12.5 lb bag

Labeled for fruits, vegetables, flowers and ornamentals for prevention of numerous leaf diseases, blights, mildews and leaf spots. Use as a protectant for tomato early or late blight.

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Brigade® WSB

Deal Price: $15.5/lb
Four 2.5 lb packages/case

Brigade® WSB contains Bifenthrin and may be applied in tank mixtures with other products approved for use on registered crops. 

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Pristine® Fungicide

Deal Price: $2.40/oz
Four 12 oz packages/case

Pristine® Fungicide is the leading fungicide used in specialty crops for the control of a wide spectrum of diseases and increased plant health.

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Coragen® Insect Control

Deal Price: $685/gal
Four 1 gal packages/case

Coragen® insect control is powered by Rynaxypyr® active, a breakthrough mode of action in Group 28, delivering remarkable protection.

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