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Delegate® WG

Deal Price: $7.60/oz
Six 26oz packages/case

Delegate® WG Insecticide controls damaging insects like codling moth, Asian citrus psyllid, thrips, Oriental fruit moth, leafrollers, leafminers, and Spotted Wing Drosophila.

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Deal Price: $46/gal
Two 2.5 gal packages/case

Fugitive® herbicide is a preemergence, surface-applied herbicide for the control of many annual grasses and certain broadleaf weeds in citrus, fruit and nut trees, vineyards, & Christmas trees.

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Ultra Flourish®

Deal Price: $199/gal
Two 2.5 gal packages/case

Ultra Flourish® is a proprietary formulation of mefenoxam that is a systemic fungicide for use on various crops to control diseases caused by members of the Oomycete class of fungi.

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Altacor ®

Deal Price: $7.38/oz
Eight 40 oz packages/case

DuPont™ ALTACOR® insect control powered by Rynaxypyr provides reliable, consistent control of major pests in pome and stone fruit crops.

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Carbine® 50WG Insecticide 

Deal Price: $68/lb
Four 3.5 lb packages/case

Carbine® 50WG insecticide uses a unique mode of action that stops cotton pests from feeding within one hour of exposure.

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ChampION++™ Fungicide

Deal Price: $3.80 | 30 lb bag

ChampION++ TM is a fungicide that controls key fungal and other diseases in a wide range of high-value crops.

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Chateau® Herbicide SW

Deal Price: $52/lb
Four 2.5 lb packages/case

Chateau SW Herbicide stops weeds with proven, long-lasting residual control of over 90 weeds in more than 50 crops.

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Deal Price: $31.50/gal
Two 2.5 gal packages/case

CottonQuik provides consistent, quick boll opening over a wide range of temperatures with minimal regrowth.

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ReTain® Plant Growth Regulator Soluble Powder (CA)

Deal Price: $200/package
Twenty 0.73 lb packages/case

ReTain® PGR harvests the potential of your crop as a plant growth regulator that temporarily inhibits ethylene production to slow fruit maturation, ripening and fruit drop.

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Deal Price: $315/gal
Four 1 gal packages/case

Revus produces quality vegetables, hops and grapes even under adverse conditions. Revus is applied as a foliar spray and can be used in block, alternating spray, or tank mix programs.

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Deal Price: $5 | 12.5 lb bag

Labeled for fruits, vegetables, flowers and ornamentals for prevention of numerous leaf diseases, blights, mildews and leaf spots. Use as a protectant for tomato early or late blight.

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Brigade® WSB

Deal Price: $15.5/lb
Four 2.5 lb packages/case

Brigade® WSB contains Bifenthrin and may be applied in tank mixtures with other products approved for use on registered crops. 

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Pristine® Fungicide

Deal Price: $2.40/oz
Four 12 oz packages/case

Pristine® Fungicide is the leading fungicide used in specialty crops for the control of a wide spectrum of diseases and increased plant health.

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Coragen® Insect Control

Deal Price: $685/gal
Four 1 gal packages/case

Coragen® insect control is powered by Rynaxypyr® active, a breakthrough mode of action in Group 28, delivering remarkable protection.

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